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We know that for every business, a clean and a professional website is the key to online success. Whether it be offering exceptional designs or incorporating trending call-to-action factors to keep customers engaged; our custom designers at BitzBurg handle it all. Our love for creativity and never-ending keenness to deliver the best web design in market, sets us apart from the rest of the designing agencies.

WordPress Web Design

Many business organizations love WordPress designs owing to their simplicity and ease of implementation. WordPress sites are easy to design and they do not involve complex functionalities; hence they are the best choice for businesses who do not require sophisticated web features. From simple brochure websites to vast e-Commerce solutions, our professionals have expertise designing all types of projects.

Benefits of Choosing WordPress Web Design

The first look of a website plays a key-role in determining whether a customer stays on it or leaves it instantly. 48% of the people believe that a site’s design acts as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

Responsive Web Design

Usage of handled devices has grown by large and since there is a rise in the usage of mobile devices, it is necessary that the web designs are made compatible on these screen-size. BitzBurg is a team of expert responsive designers who ensure that their web designs fit into every mobile screen available.

Benefits of Choosing Responsive Web Designs:

Dynamic Web Design

If you are more inclined towards generating a unique view whenever a customer visits your website, then dynamic web design is just the right choice for you. Dynamic web design works best for sites that require to display different content each time it is viewed. Such websites may need server-side scripting or a client-side scripting and sometimes a combination of both. If you want to launch a website that is highly interactive with the best functionalities then contact BitzBurg. We have experience designing multi-tiered sites with normalized database and efficient load-balancing techniques.

Benefits of Choosing Dynamic Web Design for Your Business

Corporate Web Design

A well-designed corporate website not just speaks volumes about a business brand but also aims at improving its market value. A perfect design helps businesses communicate their missions and visions to the right audience. A great design persuades customers to take action.

Benefits of Choosing Corporate Web Designs:

Website Redesigning

Customers just take a few seconds to decide whether to continue navigating through the website or leaving it that very instant. Professionals at BitzBurg help improve the graphics, usability and creditability of an existing web design. While improving the aesthetics, we ensure that the functionality of the website is kept intact.

Benefits of Choosing Website Redesigning Service

Static Web Design

Static Web design is appropriate for those businesses that are not likely to change their product and services any time soon. Such web designs do not require anytime of backend solution because there isn’t any dynamic information available to showcase to the customers. Since it does not involve extensive coding or complicated database management, this type of design is best for small businesses (unless it is an ecommerce biz).

Benefits of Choosing Static Web Design for Your Business

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