PHP Training

Get your certified Web Development course done at Bitzburg Education. Our professional trainers take every effort possible to craft a syllabus that best fits your requirement. The course offered is specifically committed towards enhancing the web development skills of college students or immediate freshers who want to pursue a career in creating websites using the latest technologies.

Website Design Training

Not all online customers have the same level of affinity towards a color palate; hence it is mandatory that you vary certain factors pertaining to the look and feel of the website. When you are at Bitzburg Education, you get to learn various important designing tactics and factors that are necessary to create a website that is a feast to the customer’s eyes. Just few months of training will help you accomplish your dreams!

Who we are in training

You must never stop learning and age should never be given as a reason to have stopped learning or aiming higher. We, at BitzBurg Education, believe in everlasting learning and training that not just brushes up skills but also adds value to a student’s career.

It’s a common sight to see students nervously making career choices because they do not know what to do with their degrees, leave alone setting up future goals. Our trained and certified professionals help train such graduates and mould them into tech-crazy individuals who are not just confident about their future but also have a clear idea of what they aspire to achieve.

Our training programs include practical exposure to application development and experimenting of technologies recently learnt. We also offer personality development to enable freshers face interviews with more confidence.


Bitzburg Education aims at offering quality training to college students and fresh graduates. Our team aspires to build tech-loving students who are proficient in whatever they learn from our institute.

We are continuously committed towards training and molding competitive graduates, to set fruitful examples for co-workers and invest their knowledge into something innovative that adds credit to their career.

For Colleges

What Can You Expect From Us

From Inhouse training to onsite workshops, Bitzburg Education offers a range of courses to college students and immediate graduates alike. Here’s a list of defined and dedicate training courses that we offer at the moment

Addon Courses for College

All colleges usually suggest a huge range of syllabuses each semester; it is crucial that you don’t miss out on the major courses that will ultimately help you craft your future. Trainers at Bitzburg Education put aside important Addon courses that are both important as well as mandatory for freshers. The addon courses offered include

Professional Training at Our Center Exclusively

Apart from training graduates within their college premises, we also take up extra training classes at the time most convenient to the students concerned. We organize special classes for students based on their requirement and make weekly slots available for them to learn and experiment with new technologies. Our training center in Nagercoil is open on all the days of a week, hence it is up to you to decide the time and day of the week you would like to dedicate something new and relevant.

College Workshop

Bitzburg Education also engages in onsite workshops for Engineering, Arts and Polytechnic colleges.  You just have to connect with our trainers and explain your requirement. Our workshop deliverables include Web DesigningWeb development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing 

Our workshops are best suited for all department students.

Free Internship available for Engineering and Arts college students, Duration: 1,2, and 3 months

Our Trainers

web design company

Ajin Ananthan

Web Designer & Developer

web design company

Bruno Renish

Personality Trainer

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