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VPS Hosting With Integrated Control Panel

The control panel’s job is to streamline utmost of the server administration processes. rather than executing dozens of commands, you have a centralized, browser-predicated platform that gives you all the tools you need to manage the services running on your VPS.

You also use the control panel to track the systems hosted on your server. You get to decide what kind of resources they can use, who can access them, and how. Meanwhile, the people in the count of running the factual websites are given everything they need to direct the business’s development in the right direction, including tools for managing backups, email addresses, Content Management Systems, and numerous additional.

Bitzburg gives you the following control panels for managing your Websites Easily

Choose Multiple Choices of Our OS

Selecting an operating system (OS) depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some popular choices:

Linux Server

Windows Server

Add-On Services

Run Your Favorite Applications And Services
Our scalable and customizable platform supports multiple Applications
PHP is a general-purpose scripting language geared toward web development. Packed with multiple PHP Versions. Running or changing the PHP Version for an App is just a click.

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It’s a popular tool for nearly any kind of design.

Python is an ultramodern programming language that supports object-oriented, functional, and required programming styles.
Why Bitzburg VPS?
When we set up our Virtual Private Server platform, we knew we were making it for people who value the same effects we do further control, lower service limitations, and stacks of beefed-up features. Our VPS hosting -SpeedCloud™ lets you customize your hosting environment to the accurate scale you want without compensating a penny.
Bitzburg VPS Level Control Benefits

If you’re running a website, you need to take steps to ensure the security of your server. In this section, we’ll discuss some important security tips for website design and development that can help protect your server from malicious attacks. We’ll explain why server security is so important, as well as what steps you can take to make sure your website is secure. By taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your website is safe from hackers, viruses, and other online threats. whole server security is a core demand. Various security layers help to cover the server and operations.


CyberPanel comes accelerated with ModSecurity which is a web application firewall to cover your website against online attacks.

On top of ModSecurity, you can also use CSF with CyberPanel and that requires only a limited click.

Well-produce and configure all firewall rules with the user-friendly UFW interface. Allow, deny, or circumscribe any service or port.
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A Virtual Private Server is a server divided into completely separate hosting surroundings. When you have VPS hosting, one of those environments is fully allocated to you. That means you do not have to share resources( such as RAM or CPU) with other clients and you are less likely to be impacted by their behavior.
Yes, we offer managed services for VPS servers.
  • Managed VPS hosting services can be purchased as an add-on with our new VPS products.
  • New clients can buy managed services, by sending a mail to
  • A managed VPS server client can get in touch with our expert team.
Our KnowledgeBase will guide you through exactly how to upgrade to a VPS and also you can check out these all-important first steps.
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