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Every organization must have a complete and perfectly integrated management solution to take care of its clients as well as resources. Developers at BitzBurg understand perfectly well the importance of application integration for a smooth functioning enterprise system.

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With CRM integration for your business emails, calendars and SM, you have access to up-to-date data and you never miss out on any reporting; all data is stored for you at one place for easy access. List of CRM integrations that we help with;[/vc_column_text]

  • Sugar CRM – Sugar CRM is known to assist businesses with executing marketing programs, retaining customers, managing customer information database and much more.
  • Vtiger – With Vtiger, you can have your marketing, sales and customer service team function more efficiently.
  • Suite CRM – This is a customer relationship management application that allows easy management and access to customer information.
  • ODOO – One best feature about the ODOO CRM is that it offers scalability and can be used in line with other business application for a smoother process.
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A proper HRM integration is vital to organize employee compensations, appraisals, performance management and employee training programs , etc with ease. Bitzburg has expertise working with the following major types of HRMs;[/vc_column_text]

  • Sentrifugo – This HRM software helps you with easy asset and expense management. Its scalable feature allows it to be easily configured into any business’ system.
  • Icehrm – This free HRM allows you to have all your human resource need organized in one place; whether it be leave permissions or new recruitment, this HRM coordinates it all.
  • OrangeHRM – This HRM offers a plethora of functionalities including time management, performance tracking and document management.
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Project Management

Integration of Project Management Software is crucial for huge businesses that need to keep a track of every process being carried out throughout the day. Bitzburg has expertise integrating the PM Software based on individual business requirements.[/vc_column_text]

  • Orangescrum – This software helps organize projects and allows easy allocation of tasks. Time tracking and resource management seem effortless while using this.
  • Qdpm – This free PM Software is perfect to manage multiple projects and tasks distributed within a small team.
  • Open project – This software contains new features such as perfect workflows, conditional formatting, a totally new & engaging design, and much more